Episode: 8

Mr. Kessler is an actor and writer. He co-created (with Dan Coffey) the character of Dr. Science. He is a founding member of Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2005. He also writes under the pen name of Ian Shoales, under whose tattered banner he has been churning out cranky commentaries since 1979.

Ian’s acerbic observations were first heard on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” from 1979 to 1988. He has since been featured on NPR’s popular news program, “Morning Edition,” on ABC’s “Nightline,” and online in Salon Magazine. Currently Shoales is featured weekly on San Francisco’s KQED radio. His commentaries also air once a week or so on ABC’s overnight news program, “World News Now,” and can be streamed online at

In addition, various pieces have been printed in newspapers (NY TIMES, LA TIMES, MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE, WASHINGTON POST, and USA TODAY, among others), and satirical essays by Ian Shoales have appeared in the Utne Reader, Mademoiselle, and Video Review. He also has a monthly column in the trade magazine, INTELLIGENT ENTERPRISE. A collection of his commentaries, NOT WET YET, was published in late 1997 by 2.13.61 Publications.

Kessler is currently working on a short novel about a boy who wins a contest, and gets to meet his comic book hero, called Green Man. Consequences ensue.