Fantasy Bedtime Hour Expert Tadhg

Fantasy Bedtime Hour Man in Ochre robe

Episode 1

Pages 1 - 4

Expert: Tadhg O'Higgins

Fantasy Action Players:

Thomas Covenant..........Steven J. Hubbard

Little Boy..........Gerald Leroy

Woman with quailing heart..........Karotica

Man in Ocher Robe..........Man in Ochre Robe


Thomas Covenant has just left his house in the country to walk two miles downtown to pay his phone bill at Pacific Bell. He is walking mechanically with his arms braced like a strangler because he has this disease called "VSE" which causes him to lose appendages (ie - 2 fingers) as a result of being very unclean.

On his way, he encounters a small boy who reaches out to touch him. The boy's mother, whose heart is quailing, snatches her son out of harm's way. Thomas Covenant is pissed. He is suppressing a memory of his x-wife Joan when he notices 2 teenage girls trying on jewelry in a store. He pauses to eye them lecherously. It is as if his penis is just another amputated member. A man in an ocher robe runs into him and points at him. Grimacing wildly, he continues his journey to Pac Bell still walking like a strangler (ie - a robot).

It all starts here! The first episode of a ridiculously long and pointlessly insightful discussion of Lord Foul's Bane. Watch the first episode as the girls interview the original and supreme Expert in Lord Foul's Bane, Tadhg O' Higgins!