Heatherly and Julie's

Fantasy Bedtime Hour

Episode 11

Pages 137 - 141

Expert: Canaan aka Uncle Sea Butter

Fantasy Action Players:

Atrium..........Myss Terry
Llaura: Heer of Soaring Woodhelven ..........Dee
Soranal: a Woodhelvennin Heer, son of Thiller ..........Sean
Padrias: Woodhelvennin Heer, son of Mill..........Juan
Baradakas: a Hirebrand of Soaring Woodhelven ..........Joel
Omournil: Woodhelvennin Heer, daughter of Mournil ..........Jen
Malliner: Woodhelvennin Heer, son of Veinnin..........David

Camera & Props..........Jennifer Christensen


Welcome to the terrifying and mysterious land of Soaring Woodhelven. When we last left Thomas Covenant he was being hauled up into the trees like a sack of miscellaneous helplessness and even we have to admit it was damn sexy.

The once friendly Woodhelven have become suspicious of strangers since their recent encounter with a dark stranger who walked among them with dark hints and spit in his mouth and made fun of their crafts and customs then out ran them and made them look like FOOLS. Since then, the Woodhelven have spent approximately one day re-learning the defense of the land. And Thomas Covenant and Atrium are about to find out exactly what that means!

Don't miss this disturbing episode of the Fantasy Bedtime Hour as we discuss these graphic scenes with our latest Expert in Lord Foul's Bane, Uncle Sea Butter!


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