Fantasy Bedtime Hour Julie is disturbed

Fantasy Bedtime Hour Thomas Covenant can't save the wraiths

Fantasy Bedtime Hour Atrium wounds the ground

Episode 13

Pages 175 - 180

Expert: Bill

Fantasy Action Players:

Atrium..........Myss Terry
Thomas Covenant..........Steven J. Hubbard
Salt Heart Foam Follower..........Jon Rosen
props & costumes..........Jenn Christensen


Atrium is pissed at Thomas Covenant because she believes that he is Berek Halfhand reborn and that he could have saved the Wraiths. Instead, the Unfettered One (from Episode 12) stayed behind and gave up his own life to save them so that they could could complete their journey.

Finally they reach the river where Atrium unloads Thomas Covenant off to a river giant and charges the giant with the task of taking him safely to the Council of the Lords.

Is this the last time we'll see Atrium? Is she gone for good? Will they ever reach the Council of the Lords? What will happen when they get there??? Who knows such things?

Make sure to stay up late and watch this bitter sweet episode of the Fantasy Bedtime Hour as we discuss these topics with our latest Expert in Lord Foul's Bane from Portland Oregon, Bill!