Heatherly and Julie's

Fantasy Bedtime Hour

Episode 16

Pages 215 - 219

Expert: Jim

Fantasy Action Players:

Thomas Covenant..........Gamecat
Salt Heart Foam Follower ..........Jon Rosen
Kurik ..........Shaun
Bannor ..........Jessica Simpson

Camera & Props..........Jennifer Christensen


Off to Revelstone! Thomas Covenant and Salt Heart Foamfollower are finally nearing the end of their journey where they will soon meet the Council of the Lords! We can't wait! We here at the Fantasy Bedtime Hour have been anxiously awaiting this moment for so long we lack the words to describe how we feel. We're moist with anticipation.

Why it seems like just yesterday, Thomas Covenant was paying his phone bill at Pacific Bell...
And now he's in Revelstone delivering a message from Lord Foul the Despiser to the Council of the Lords...Memories.

Don't miss this special holiday episode with our most philosophical Expert in Lord Foul's Bane, Jim!



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