Episode 2

Pages 26 - 30

Expert: Michael Lee

Fantasy Action Players:

Thomas Covenant..........Steven J. Hubbard

Hot Chic at Pacific Bell..........Cheryl




Thomas Covenant has just reached Pacific Bell to pay his bill. He is greeted by a hot chick who works there. She takes his bill and goes to the back room to check the status.

While he waits, Thomas Covenant takes out a pamphlet that was given to him earlier in the day by a Mormon boy. He is considering becoming a Mormon. When the hot chic returns, she informs him that his bill has already been paid. Thomas Covenant is really pissed. He has to focus on his aching ankles and wrists as he struggles to keep the anger at bay.

He then attempts to pick up the hot chic by lying to her about his leprosy. He tells her that "It isn't catching. Except to children" (and beggars but apparently not hot chics). She refuses his advances and he leaves Pac Bell in a rage. He walks mechanically downtown until he reaches a beggar. Taking pity on the beggar, he attempts to tear off his white gold wedding ring to toss in the beggar's cup but instead tears off his entire finger! Blood squirts from the wound! The beggar returns Thomas Covenant's finger to him and Thomas is somehow able to reattach it. Suddenly, he finds himself surrounded by construction. Then as if appearing out of nowhere, he almost falls into a giant precipice filled with rough damnations multiplying below him.

A must see episode of the Fantasy Bedtime Hour with our Expert in Lord Foul's Bane, Michael Lee!