Fantasy Bedtime Hour Expert Sean

Fantasy Bedtime Hour Heatherly chugs tequila

Episode 3

Pages 29 - 33

Expert: Sean Knox

Fantasy Action Players:

Thomas Covenant..........Steven J. Hubbard

Drool Rockworm..........Adult Gladiator

Lord Foul..........Nicholas Aliaga


Thomas Covenant finds himself falling into the precipice of his future after being hit by a car and struck in the head by a metaphorical spear. After bandaging his massive head wound, he realizes that he is deep within a cave filled with churros. A wretched figure is standing above him waving a staff.

The creature is yelling, "Mine! Mine! Done it! I have the staff! Lord Drool!"

From deep within the bowels of the cave a second ominous figure appears. It is Lord Foul himself! "Back, Rockworm!" he yells, "This prey is too great for you!"

Thomas Covenant cowers in terror. Eating a churro, Lord Foul explains the doomed lineage of Berek Lord Father, Loric, Ravi Shankar and Kiril Threndar Heart of Thundar. Don't miss this compelling episode with our tallest Expert in Lord Foul's Bane, Sean Knox!!!