Heatherly and Julie's

Fantasy Bedtime Hour

Episode 4

Pages 36 - 40

Expert: California Street Partners

Jim, Jed & Yates

Fantasy Action Players:

Thomas Covenant..........Gamecat
Woman with quailing heart..........Karotica
Man in Ocher Robe..........Man in Ochre Robe
Coat Check Warrior..........Daniel
Drunk Guy #7..........Superman
Adult Gladiator..........Adult Gladiator
Hot Teenage Girl..........Lindsey


Thomas Covenant is frozen in terror as Lord Foul reveals his evil and arithmetically elaborate plan to complete victory and ultimately until every human in the land is dead. Foul recounts how Kevin was dim-witted enough to lose the staff at all 10 of the annual Rituals of Desecrations!!!

As we begin Chapter 4, Thomas Covenant unexpectedly finds himself outside on a circular stone slab with Lord Foul no where in sight. He believes that he is still downtown after being hit by the car and the spear (from Episode 3). He is approached by a hot under-aged girl kind of like the teenage girls from pages 1 - 4 in Episode 1. When she sees his hand, she freaks out in hot teenage excitement, referring to him as "Berek Halfhand".

Horrified, Thomas Covenant realizes that he is not downtown but that he is still in the same distorted reality as Lord Foul!

Don't miss this dramatic episode with our most corporate Experts in Lord Foul's Bane, California Street Partners!!!


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