Fantasy Bedtime Hour Expert Jenn

Fantasy Bedtime Hour Expert Jenn corrects girls

Fantasy Bedtime Hour Thomas Covenant descends stairs

Episode 6

Pages 47 - 50

Expert: Jennifer

Fantasy Action Players:

Thomas Covenant..........Steven J. Hubbard

Hot Teenage Girl..........Beth


Thomas Covenant finds himself on a concrete slab on top of Kevin's Watch being woken up by a HOT teenage girl. Gasping for breath, she eagerly explains to him that he is in a place called "The Land".

She really wants to go out with him because he looks like the famous Berek Halfhand. Thomas Covenant is annoyed as he doesn't specifically listen to anything the girl is saying. To his horror, he realizes that he will soon have to negotiate the mildly steep descent of the steps of Kevin's Watch with his leprosy ridden body.

Don't miss this EPIC episode of The Fantasy Bedtime Hour with our first female Expert in Lord Foul's Bane, Jennifer!!!