Fantasy Bedtime Hour Heatherly and Julie in Santa hats

Fantasy Bedtime Hour Expert Ian Shoales accompanied by Violet

Fantasy Bedtime Hour Triock tries to kill Thomas Covenant

Episode 8

Pages 107 - 112

Expert: Ian Shoales represented by Violet

Fantasy Action Players:

Atrium..........Myss Terry
Thomas Covenant..........Steven J. Hubbard
props & costumes..........Jenn Christensen


Atrium, the Hot Teenage Girl's mom, is taking Thomas Covenant to see the Council of the Lords so that he can deliver his precious little message from Lord Foul about the span of days upon the land, etc. What the Hot Teenage Girl's Mom doesn't know is that Thomas Covenant has just raped her daughter!!!

Luckily Triock, the suitor of the Hot Teenage Girl, knows about the rape and is following them with plans of killing Thomas Covenant...and of course we're all rooting for that to happen because as you know we've always felt that Thomas Covenant is more than a little bit lecherous but now we know this to be the case and we really hope that Triock stabs him good.

Don't miss this spirited Christmas Edition of the Fantasy Bedtime Hour! With our most cynical Expert in Lord Foul's Bane, Ian Shoales (represented by his assistant, Violet)!